Pre- and post-transaction reorganizations


The issue

Whether disposing of a business or acquiring one, multinational companies face a wealth of challenges during pre- and post-transaction reorganizations.

The business needs include:

  • A clear strategy for corporate, financial, tax and people-related restructuring actions
  • Knowledge of the specific legislative requirements and corporate or commercial law issues in each jurisdiction
  • An understanding of business and industry dynamics to minimize operational disruption
  • Clear communication with the workforce to reduce uncertainty and promote employee retention
  • Seamless coordination of work streams in multiple countries

How we can help

Our lawyers work alongside professionals from tax, accounting, financial advisory and human capital to analyze the specific circumstances of your business and provide cohesive guidance, often resulting in substantial savings and increased shareholder value.

We offer:

  • A central legal team that manages communications with not only the client but also local counsel, other teams and possible third-party advisors
  • Clear schedules and deadlines
  • Global templates for legal documents, promoting efficiency and consistency
  • Assistance that lessens the burden on the in-house staff
  • Support for all relevant project management capabilities


By leveraging synergies and knowledge of your organization among multiple teams and disciplines, our firm can help drive cost-efficiency and reduce friction during the project. With our broad experience in these matters, we can reduce risk during execution, lessen the impact on your daily business, answer questions promptly and channel the input of all parties. Our services can be flexibly aligned with your needs and in-house resources.