Private M&A


The issue

M&A transactions must be negotiated well, and structured carefully, to reduce legal risks, manage tax issues and ensure timely execution.

Each plan has its own potential legal risks and deal-breakers, including:

  • Funding incapacity of the purchaser
  • Litigation and regulatory risks
  • Change-of-control issues such as termination rights under critical contracts, loss of public grants or subsidies, and loss of major suppliers or customers
  • Misrepresentations, particularly with accounting and tax
  • Key employee retention

Businesses need lawyers who not only have experience handling private M&A transactions in different industries and markets but also have a team mindset and can perform well in complex situations.

How we can help

Whether you are a seller, a purchaser, a joint venture partner or management, our lawyers can guide you through M&A transactions by working alongside professionals from tax, accounting, transaction advisory, finance advisory and people services. With our vast global office network, we have coverage in countries where other advisors may not have legal resources on the ground. Our size, sector specialization and one-stop shop approach can put our clients at an advantage over users of traditional law firms.

The outcome

Our lawyers offer comprehensive advice to address your M&A needs, including:

  • Critically assessing any planned investment or divestiture
  • Assisting with carve-outs to make your divestiture ready for sale
  • Structuring, negotiating and executing private M&A transactions in a timely manner
  • Aiding reorganizations to integrate the acquisition into your business

Our lawyers are accustomed to working on both local and international transactions involving many countries – a capability that clients often view as another reason to use our services.