Agency & Distribution

Our dedicated group of lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the legal rules and the business reality of the relationship between suppliers and third-party distributors, and a wealth of experience on the high-stake issues related to agency, distribution and franchising of products and services. 

We offer realistic, tailor-made solutions and provide practical business advice for suppliers and distributors, covering the full range of their needs; from drafting and revising agreements, to handling proceedings upon termination of the respective agreements. We also advise clients on the most suitable business and legal options available to them, when seeking to grow their businesses. Our client base operates in a variety of business sectors, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Luxury Products
  • Supply Chain Services

Among others, our specialized services, include:

  • Advice on setting up and organizing agency, distribution and franchising networks
  • Advice on restructuring distribution networks
  • Drafting and negotiating relevant agreements
  • Monitoring compliance with relevant EU and national regulation
  • Monitoring the relevant relationship, while it is active
  • Advice on the termination rules and compensation rights
  • Negotiating all termination-related issues

Representing clients in litigation before Courts and other Authorities, indicatively regarding:

  • claims for clientele compensation and damages
  • claims to remain in the network by challenging the validity of the termination
  • complaints for breach of antitrust laws
  • complaints for unfair trade practices.

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