Global data protection and privacy compliance

Data protection and data privacy concepts around the globe vary and they need to be met in an international environment where international data processing and data transfers are a daily occurrence. Most companies will face new mandatory requirements, including performing privacy impact assessments and regular data compliance audits, notifying personal data breaches, and maintaining records of personal data activities.

How we can help

We provide clarification and assistance in facilitating compliance. Global coverage and a multi-disciplinary approach are particularly important, as data flows do not know any borders and involve both legal and technical issues.

Our global network of data privacy professionals covers more than 70 countries, allowing us to address data protection issues worldwide. Our compliance assistance consists of mapping regulatory requirements, identifying and helping you to implement them, and assisting you in building long-term data privacy governance tools.

These services can include:

  • Data processing inventories
  • Global data privacy compliance programs
  • Retention policies
  • Information notices
  • Training tools for employees
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Data privacy audits
  • Compliant “Big data”, “Internet of Things” — projects
  • Frameworks for international transfers

The outcome

Our global teams of data privacy professionals can help your organization comply with the legal requirements with regard to data privacy whether your need for advice is on a national, EU, EEA or global level.

With our data privacy legal network and the assistance of our advisory professionals for data privacy management, we can help safeguarding required levels of compliance, implement appropriate data protection practices and secure your company’s reputation, through services including:

  • Data privacy organization and accountability
  • Legal compliance of data processing with current and upcoming data protection obligations
  • Legal advice on the implementation of safeguards for cross-border data transfers
  • Assistance with communications and filings with the competent authorities across the globe

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