Intellectual Property Law

Nowadays, intellectual property plays a key role in the profitability and competitive position of businesses in all sectors of the economy. A cohesive IP strategy includes making appropriate choices for the management and protection of corporate IP portfolios. Companies, which conduct or plan to conduct business in Greece, ought to approach the management of their IP assets as a strategic issue.


EY Law Greece serves as a one-stop shop for the management and protection of IP assets in Greece. Our highly qualified and experienced IP law team alongside our Digital Law capabilities, offers legal services in all categories of IP assets, including copyright, digital media and database rights, brands, trademarks and passing-off, patents and utility models, industrial design rights, trade secrets, know-how and confidential information.

We provide services to our clients in all aspects of IP asset management, including:

  • IP registration.
  • IP advisory.
  • IP transactions.
  • Technology transfer agreements.
  • R&D agreements.
  • Open source licenses.
  • IP dispute resolution, litigation and enforcement.
  • Customs proceedings.
  • Parallel imports.
  • Unfair commercial practices.
  • Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy.

Taking advantage of our sector-specific expertise, our clients are active in various industries, such as electronic communications, digital media, information technology, electronic commerce, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Being part of an international network of law firms under the auspices of EY, we also offer IP law services with an almost global reach for extroversive Greek companies, which have cross-border activities.

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