Labor & Employment Law

Businesses, especially those that operate across borders, require access to legal advice that both advises on compliance responsibilities and informs on stategic planning.

People first

Advising on complex labor and employment law projects across geographies, our law teams support you throughout the entire evolution of your businesses, providing assistance across every stage of growth, helping you to manage the people-related legal aspects of restructuring, mergers, takeovers and all types of business transformation.

By integrating our lawyers with experienced professionals from across our law network, we combine knowledge of local HR law with strategic insight into how multinational corporations function. Our personal, fast and efficient services create the legal platform on which you can build your HR strategy.

HR, legal, M&A and business transformation services

Our lawyers advise and assist clients in buying and selling companies throughout the entire transaction life cycle, providing support for the full range of HR and employee-related issues, including due diligence, deal negotiation, employee transfers, unions or works council management and advice, and post-deal transaction integration.

We advise and assist in restructuring projects to help our clients comply with legal requirements and works council procedures, including the reduction, relocation and outsourcing of the workforce.

HR legal advisory and compliance

We advise and assist clients in all aspects of labor and employment law, including hiring and termination of employees, workplace compliance, social security law, and unions or works council management and advice.

Our lawyers assess risks of non-compliance with local labor and employment law, and help to implement and maintain corrective actions to reduce risk and costs.

We help our clients on corporate social responsibility issues, privacy issues, the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance rules, data privacy and data protection issues, codes of conduct, employee handbooks, health and safety, bullying, and discrimination and diversity issues.

Dispute resolution and litigation

Our specialized lawyers provide advice to avoid disputes or defend clients in disputes with employees. We also support you during negotiations with unions, works councils and settlements with employees or government agencies.

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The business and law landscapes have changed dramatically, and the pace and complexity of change continues to increase. We can help you navigate this shifting landscape.

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