Commercial Law

We advise on all aspects of commercial law to support our clients’ operations and strategic business objectives and have extensive experience drafting commercial contracts. We combine sector and technical expertise with the ability to craft innovative and effective contractual solutions.

We advise on commercial transactions across a wide range of industries and regulatory environments. Our sector and industry expertise includes retail, aviation, life sciences, oil & gas, shipping, digital and information technology, real estate, telecommunications as well as tourism, travel and leisure.


We advise on and draft all types of commercial agreements including:

  • Loan agreements
  • Share pledges and charges
  • Guarantees
  • Leasing agreements
  • Financing agreements
  • Real estate sales and mortgaging
  • Bills of exchange, letters of credit and collaterals
  • E-commerce contractual documentation
  • Joint venture/partnership agreements
  • Franchise, distribution, licensing and agency agreements
  • Asset purchase, leasing and encumbrance agreements
  • Intellectual Property licensing
  • Supporting and ancillary documentation (including non-disclosure, non-compete and guarantee agreements)

Consumers and retail

We advise on legal issues relating to:

  • Sale of goods and provision of services
  • Product presentation, packaging and labelling
  • Advice on liability for defective products or lack of conformity
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations

Brand protection

We advise on legal issues relating to:

  • Implementing an appropriate brand strategy in conjunction with the franchise or distribution roll-out strategy
  • Advice on compliance with IP laws
  • IP licensing agreements


Competition law is a sensitive legal field and inadvertent violation can be costly. Our sector focus enables us to assess how competition laws impact your business and to help you realize its potential in full compliance.

We understand how competition rules apply across different markets and address both domestic and cross- border competition issues. We can help you structure your strategies and agreements to ensure compliance with competition rules and, where required, deal with notifications to competition authorities.

We also advise on cartels, market dominance and anti-competitive agreements and we undertake the full range of competition litigation in Greece.

Commercial due diligence and transaction support

  • We advise on commercial transactions across a wide range of sectors, and carry out both buy side and sell side due diligence.

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