Digital & Privacy Law

Innovative technology is rapidly transforming industry ecosystems and value chains at an unprecedented pace. Many companies face complex and novel challenges that demand integrated and innovative business and legal solutions, enabling them to be first movers, disrupting the market, or fast followers, who efficiently capitalize on new opportunities created by innovation.

Our digital law team of expert attorneys has deep knowledge of relevant matters and a broad range of experience in the relevant market sectors. Fully immersed in the digital economy, EY Law advises businesses at the cutting edge of disruptive technology and understand the strategic aims and the enablers that drive businesses in this area – digital IP, 5G, AI, FinTech, digital media, cybersecurity, enterprise software, blockchain, big data and the cloud. EY Law provides a wide variety of legal advice from electronic communications, digital, privacy, IP, employment, commercial and corporate law advice through to business transformation and transactional work.

Combining sector focus with integrated multidisciplinary approach, international reach and the utilization of new cost- effective technologies of service delivery, we can provide one-stop and made-to-measure services to technology-oriented clients and innovative enterprises across market sectors.

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